ATV Tours in Vail

ATV Tours in Vail

The Vail wilderness is the prime zone for exploration of all styles, from hiking to horseback to ATV. The entire mountain region with its rich forests and abundant wildlife is just asking for you to get into its beauty; it’s practically calling your name from Vail Village, summoning you to experience its wonders. Hiking can be a great day, trooping at a slow pace along the paths and enjoying the journey. Horseback can be a great day, trotting at a groovy pace as people have been doing through these hills for centuries. And ATVing can be a great day, as well, charging over challenging terrain inaccessible by either of the other modes of transport and flowing at a more substantial rate as you take in the wilderness with the engine between your legs with the best ATV tours in Vail.

And as Vail isn’t just any old mountain resort, your ATV tour isn’t just any old quadding trek. No, ma’am/sir. Here at Sage Outdoor Adventures (Enjoy Vail’s Certified Tour Partner) you will ride in style, on your four-seater Maverick Max. These pure-sport side-by-side machines are outfitted with state-of-the-art technology featuring the smoothest suspension and unparalleled handling, perfect for bombing around the countless miles of Vail terrain. Guests at Sage have access to over 6,000 acres of private world-class terrain in the Castle Peak area. That’s three times the area of Sage’s competitors with doubles track trails that are at once intimate and exhilarating. This zone is full of exciting tracks and trails, way more thrilling to charge upon than your average jeep road. You’ll experience the best of the backcountry with massive and breathtaking views so bring your camera / smart phone. 

Your ATV tour on the four-seater Maverick Max will take you over some intense terrain: splashing through mud puddles and traversing large rocks and logs helped by the ease of your shocks. The high country of Colorado is laid out before you like a huge playground to explore. Tours are either 2.5 or 5 hours long and the minimum driver age is 16. Provided in the rate is helmet, goggles, snack/drink, and of course your fantastic knowledgeable guide. Your guide will be one of the most memorable aspects of the trek, as they are not only masters of the ATV and the specific backcountry of Vail with its magnificent flora and fauna, they are also there for your entertainment, cracking jokes and telling stories.

You need to bring casual outdoor clothing that you’re not afraid to get dirty – at the very least you’ll get dusty. When it’s rainy and/or muddy, you’ll be outfitted with overalls so you can blast through the big puddles at speed with no concern for cleanliness. Where comfortable walking shoes and a windbreaker, sunscreen and sunglasses are recommended, and your camera to capture these great moments.

Double up on the fun and merge your ATV tour with some shooting. Either before or after your Maverick trek you can head out to the stations for some sporting clays. Currently the fastest growing shooting sport in the world, sporting clays utilizes sophisticated trap launchers that project biodegradable clay discs up into the air to mimic the flight of birds. The object of the game is to move from station to station, like golf, and see who can hit the most clays. Like Duck Hunter for NES. The dozen-station course at Sage Outdoor Adventures is considered the most scenic sporting clay course in North America. Whether you’ve been shooting for decades or it’s your first time with a firearm, you’ll find just what you’re looking for here, with staff that will help get you set up and ready to shoot clay pigeons like a natural.

ATV Tours in Vail

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