How to Vail like a Rockstar

Inspired by confirmed celebrity sightings, rock star gossip and après mingling alongside the rich and famous, we decided it was high time to deliver the goods; a how-to Vail like a rockstar guide.

Maybe your private jet is booked for its monthly repairs or perhaps your personal pilot has the weekend off, lucky for you, there are plenty of first class airline options out there to choose from. See United, American Airlines or Delta for offers. Benefits include pillows, duvets, fold out beds, liquor and noise cancelling headphones so you don’t have to listen to the bodily functions of the pesky economy class.

Upon arrival, one must be sure to travel in the utmost of luxuries, such as being chauffeured around in a stretch SUV limo or limo bus while drinking ice cold bubbly and blasting Drake, or renting a high end ride, rolling down the windows, blasting the heat and well, also, probably listening to Drake. Pro tip: make sure you’ve invited friends who are slightly less funny, less good looking and think you’re swell, a supportive entourage is key.

Remember, rock stars like to be seen being seen. So skip out on the famous but hidden Vail Modern Architectural Masterpiece and park that luxury sedan as close as humanly possible to the front door of the Sebastian Hotel, The Arrabelle at Vail Square or The Lodge at Vail. Nonchalantly toss your keys to the most eager valet worker standing guard and slip them a quick bill, make sure it’s big and make sure people see it.

Sebastian Vail

Perhaps the idea of having to walk passed everyday Joes in a hotel hallway makes you feel queasy? Well, rest assured that at the private condos in the Vail Mountain Lodge, you only have to make eye contact with whom you really want to; yourself. Kick back, unpack and sprawl the contents of your Louis Vuitton bags everywhere humanly possible so the housekeeping staff knows you’re someone who is someone.

Now, between the luxury traveling, the gratuitous selfies and the plain old sitting around, it has no doubt been a big day already and you’re obviously hungry. Heck, even rock stars need to eat. While it’s no secret that Mr. Timberlake and Cameron Diaz have been spotted at Los Amigos, mingling with the normies, you’re a more glamorous kind of soul. Larkspur is a great go to choice for delicious food amongst other high-end company or alternately, for something a little more laid back but still high class, get over to Bol, a fun loving restaurant, lounge and bowling alley. Kick up those retro shoes, let your hair down and have a time.

After some good afternoon prep, you and your posse is warmed up and ready for a night on the town. No rock star trip is complete without an expensive, over indulgent night of shaking your bits on the dance floor. Always careful to express only the hippest new moves, Whiskey Jack’s is the go to groove floor. Make some new, fun, temporary friends by picking up the shots tab or throw down some plastic for a round on you.

You survived the night and while your memories might have a slight fog surrounding them, you’re fairly confident that you let your rock star spirit soar and you were, as usual, the life of the party. Now, the sun is blazing through the window and you know the hill is waiting. But first, coffee.

These days coffee is not just a beverage it’s an experience. You can’t just be guzzling down any old brown brew, nope, only the finest will do. Minx your way down to Loaded Joes and find yourself among all the other geniuses that know where to get their fix. While you’re there, you best grab a breakfast bun and soak up some of last night’s fun.

Of course, you bought all new, shiny, loud, neon colored gear for your debut on Vail Mountain as per the old fake it ‘til you make it advice. But now, rock star riding in Vail, Colorado is a fine balance between actually sliding on the snow on your weapon of choice (assuming you actually know how) and hanging out at The 10th mid-mountain restaurant, giving out high fives and chanting “shots” amongst your group of pals. This will provide a great excuse later for unsuccessfully dismounting the chairlift, falling over nothing in front of a crowd of onlookers or “forgetting” how to “carve the slopes”.

Your level of skill will depict where and when you should ride certain terrain. Showboat your legit skills on Look Ma and dazzle those mid mountain onlookers or perhaps you’re a Pepi’s Face kind of rider, steep and exposed, getting cheers and chants from the Gondola One and Los Amigos admirers.

Best pubs in vail garfinkels patio deck

Either way, wrap your shred day up with cold beer and hot nachos amongst your entourage at Garkinfel’s, where the après scene will no doubt appreciate your loud, here I am, rockstar storytelling, dubious laughter and “Did you see me do that . . .” reminiscing on the days events. After all, if you’re not being noticed, you’re not doing your job.

And then. Eat. Drink. Repeat.

But you can’t rockstar Vail without going to Vail and our customer service specialists would love to help you out with a booking. Check out EnjoyVail for more info and book your Epic Pass while you still can, until December 6, 2015.

Want to know more about the fine celebrity lifestyle in Vail, Co? Of course you do. Check out our previous blog and see what all the fuss is about.

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