The Vail Farmer’s Market: Where Color and Life Come Together

17…40…300…100! What do these numbers means? Well, if you ever find yourself in Meadow Drive from June 21st to the October 4th, make sure to stop by the Vail Farmer’s Market, and you’ll learn what these number mean.

17 stands for the number of weekends that you get to enjoy the Vail Farmer’s Market, since the market will be held every Sunday beginning from the Sunday of June 21st. 40 stands for the number of food vendors, so whether you’re looking for a bite to eat,  looking for artisanal food items, or just looking for that new favorite that you can bring home to your family, Vail Farmer’s Market is sure to make your mouth water with the astounding number of food choices.  300 stands for the number of sunny days in Vail, so no matter which weekend you choose to visit the Farmer’s Market, there’s a very good chance that it’s going to be a clear, sunny day! Finally, 100 stands for 100% enjoyment, which is what you will experience for sure when you visit the Vail Farmer’s Market.

The Vail Farmer’s Market has so many different stalls that it might be hard to keep track of all of them, but you can basically break these stalls down into four categories: food and beverage vendors, clothing and accessories sellers, artisanal items, and activities.

Food and Beverages

The Vail Farmer’s Market is home to dozens of sellers of different food and beverages, ranging  from farm fresh produce, to home-made baked goodies,  savory dishes, and other delicious food items. If you visit the Farmer’s Market on an empty stomach, you will definitely have a hard time deciding which food items to fill your tummy with!   There are also food items that will be prepared right in front of you, such as freshly-made donuts, wraps, and sandwiches. There are also stations where you and your kids can enjoy making your own food.

Beverages run the gamut from coffee, juices, to wines, so a visit to the Farmer’s Market will also slake your thirst.


Clothing and Accessories

 If you’re the type who loves getting a bargain, or who loves to haggle, or just loves to spend the day shopping, a visit to the Vail Farmer’s Market should definitely be on your calendar. You will be able to find many different clothing vendors around the Farmer’s Market, and most of their items are significantly cheaper than anything you will find at a retail shop. However, the real gem are the sheer number of different accessory vendors.

Shoes, bags, jewelry, sunglasses…just name it, and chances are that there is a vendor at the Vail Farmer’s Market who is selling that item. You’ll be able to find almost anything you need in terms of accessories, at bargain prices! You can also find a lot of other household items, such as home-made soaps, lotions, and even goose-down pillows and comforters, such as those from Moore Comforts. Trust us, a walk around Vail Farmer’s Market will show you items that you didn’t even know that you needed!

 Artisanal Items

Say you’re looking for a gift, or you just want something special to remind you of your visit to the Vail Farmer’s Market, and you’re looking for an item that has that “special extra little something”, then try visiting the different artisanal stalls! You can find a wide range of different artisanal items, from food to art, to accessories, and even toys, so there’s definitely something for everyone.

What makes an item artisanal, you may ask? Well, at the Vail Farmer’s Market, you will be able to see just how much time, love, and effort went into crafting or making these artisanal items, whether it’s a cheese sandwich from Cheese Louise, or a hilarious caricature from Keen I Design.


If you have a whole day planned at the Vail Farmer’s Market, there are other things that you can do besides browsing and shopping. Visit the No Bull Entertainment to try your hand at riding a mechanical bull, or look for the Minturn Anglers stall to learn the finer points of fly fishing. Whether you’re polishing up on a beloved hobby, or trying to learn a new one, there are a lot of choices around the Vail Farmer’s Market.


The Vail Farmer’s Market is meant to be a whole family affair, so yes, even pets are welcome! The whole market is pet-friendly, and there are even stalls that sell pet products. However, make sure that your pet is well-behaved, properly socialized, and that you pick up after your pet so that everyone has a good time.

As you walk around the Farmer’s Market, your ears will also be treated to the sounds of music. Every Sunday, a different artist or band will be invited to play, so if you have particular favorite, make sure to visit when they are playing!

The fun, life, and discoveries that you and your family can have at the Vail Farmer’s Market is endless, so make sure that you set aside one whole Sunday for this great event. You may not be able to completely and thoroughly see and experience everything that the Farmer’s Market has to offer, but you can give it a good try! See you there!

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