Top 9 Reasons We Love Spring Skiing!

It’s always a mixed feeling: the days are longer and sunnier, and the snow is less frequent and heavier. Are we excited about spring or lamenting the end of winter? Well, how about neither? Spring skiing has so much to offer for snowsport enthusiasts, and here are our top ten reasons why you will also love skiing in the spring!

1. Spring Sun!

photo: Jack Affleck

Spring is the time to let your ski and snowboarding skills bloom in the sun! Instead of short days and clouds that coat the mountains with fresh white snow, you can experience the beauty of spring while still being able to ski! While you hit the slopes, take in the green of the trees, the new buds on the branches, and the sun on your face. No more bitter cold wind that slashes at your face on those brutal winter days. Forget frozen toes! Shed a layer or two of those pesky, heavy winter coats and free up your body to make some light and tight turns on the mountain.

2. Longer Days = Longer Après

After spending that sunny day on the mountain, not only can you spend more time skiing, but also you get a chance to enjoy the après offers for much longer! Longer days equal longer après, and you can sip a cider on a patio in the sun to rejuvenate your muscles and satisfy your soul. You know that you’d rather be outside for the après, and warmer weather means you can! Check out our Vail’s Apres-Ski Guide.

3. Goggle Tans

photo: Jack Affleck

Oh yes. We know that everyone secretly covets that cool skier or snowboarder who comes on in after a day on the slopes, removes her helmet and goggles, and has a perfect goggle tan line. It’s a sign of dedication and almost a badge of pride! With more sun outside, you can soak in Vitamin D, and come home at the end of a day with your own goggle tan – a sign of a successful day on the mountain.

4. Avoid the Crowds

Snow snobs head home when the sun begins to shine. Luckily for you, that means shorter lift lines, which means more chances to get in all those extra runs you couldn’t when the lines were longer. You may even find some fresh snow all to yourself!

5. Possible Powder

Pay no attention to those who say it doesn’t snow in the spring. The last storms of winter often have one or two dumps left in them once April comes around. Patience is a virtue, and powder comes to those who wait!

6. Get the Groomers

ski Vail

To make the most of the spring skiing season, make sure you check out which runs are groomed and cared for so that the snow will be optimal on warmer days. Sometimes, these runs are the best to hit up when the sun bakes the slopes!

7. Learn to Turn

Classic Vail Ski School

If you have family just learning to ski, this is the perfect time to get them to learn to turn in the snow! Forgiving conditions and warm weather allows for a more pleasant learning experience than when the weather plunges into the double negatives. In addition, class sizes are smaller, and you can take the opportunity to perfect your turning in smaller group classes, or even private lessons!

8. Spring Festivals and Events

After a dark and dreary winter, everyone starts to come alive when the sun comes out. A celebratory mood really livens up the air, and everyone springs into action with fun festivals and epic events. Make sure to check out your  mountain events calendar to get involved with the bright and friendly mood of the season!

9. WOW Deals!

This is when all the deals come out to play! Spring savings are epic. Check Enjoy Vail’s Spring Deals HERE.

Spring Rates will be updated frequently, so we recommend that you stay tuned in order to get the best Spring Deals. Sign up for Enjoy Vail’s newsletter to get bi-monthly  updates on Vail’s hottest deals. Call up our friendly Rocky Mountains’ Specialists to help you organize & plan your Spring Ski Vacation to Vail.

Enjoy the Spring Ride!

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