Eco Lodging at Vail’s Mountain Haus

Vail’s Mountain Haus is a luxury hotel located in the heart of Vail Village, offering everything from hotel rooms to four bedrooms. It also happens to be one of the most environmentally friendliest hotels in North America. If you’re lucky, you might get a peek at one of America’s few privately owned, freeway-legal electric SUV’s in front of Vail’s Mountain Haus – but that’s if you’re lucky. Most of the time, the little SUV is shuttling hotel guests around the Vail Valley – but most of the time they are out on the town, sipping power and leaving no trace like only an electric car can. When they are out front of the upscale green hotel, they are filling up on wind energy and serving as a symbol of the hotel’s environmental commitment.

Vail’s Mountain Haus purchases wind power credits, uses the most energy-efficient lighting it can find, has a burgeoning recycling program, and is investigating putting a solar array on the top of its building. Arguably among the most low-impact luxury lodges in the country, Vail’s Mountain Haus has decided to make green living its top priority.

It can be difficult for guests looking for eco lodging to see through the greenwash of some businesses. One resort may boast of its rooftop wind turbine but neglect to mention it generates enough power for a laptop computer or a couple of light bulbs. Another may brag about its efforts to cut down on water use by putting signs up in guest rooms. But few have gone so far as the Mountain Haus; its energy efficiency program is so tangible that it’s hard for guests not to see the benefits or be involved.

“When there are 400 people in house, they all see the electric cars out there, they see we are recycling, they all see the LED lights,” Matt Drummet Sales and Marketing Director says. “And we make sure they know what’s going on at the time of their stay.”

“We’re helping our guests be a part of it,” Drummet says. “The cars are a tangible thing – people are getting into them and driving around, they’re not using gasoline, and they’re offsetting carbon emissions. It really has a buy in for guests.”

Moving forward, the Mountain Haus is investigating putting a solar array on its roof. Since the property is partially run on renewable wind power, the solar energy would likely be funneled back into the grid so that other energy customers – perhaps even another hotel up the street – could use clean power.

“We have to do this – it’s just the right thing,” says Drummet. “My real hope is that people see what we’re doing is above and beyond the norm and we’re trying to be stewards of the environment.”

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