Winter Vacation in Vail

Too many people plan their winter getaways to tropical locations. Those who think outside the box find that spending the winter months exploring a picturesque cold weather location can be more fun than sunny beaches. A winter trip to Vail, Colorado is a family friendly vacation with activities for every age group.

Vail is known for its fantastic skiing and snowboarding. Regular slope fiends from New England and the West Coast will be amazed by the sheer number of trails for skiers and snowboarders of every skill set. Daredevils will love the half pipes and rails that dot the slopes. Speed demons will feel like they’re flying down the mountain face. Soft powder coats the trails most mornings, making snow machines unnecessary. Vail attracts top skiers and snowboarders from around the world so beginners will find themselves in good hands when they’re learning how to ride.

A vacation in Vail isn’t all about the slopes. From four star restaurants to hole-in-the-wall diners, gourmands will find something for every palate. The world-renowned Sweet Basil is located in Vail and serves American food that has been featured in Zagat, Gourmet, and Wine Spectator. Many celebrity chefs have set up shop in Vail, such as Top Chef’s Kelly Liken. For a late night snack, Local Joe’s Pizza serves up delicious pies with live music. Whether after a long day on the slopes or a lazy afternoon at the lodge, the food in Vail alone is worth the trip.

The shopping in Vail is an adventure all its own. Whether you enjoy window shopping at high-end boutiques or buying souvenirs in local shops, the stores of Vail have something for every budget. Ranging from cocktail dresses to outrageous snowboard hats, the selection of goods can’t be found in any other city. After a long day on the slopes or after a delicious dinner, shopping in Vail can’t be missed.

Choosing a winter vacation destination can be a challenge but Vail has something for every family member. Restaurants, outdoor sports, shopping and so much more can be found with a winter trip to Vail, Colorado.

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